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Learn to trade with SG Futures Beginner’s Academy, and you will learn everything someone new to trading needs to know, whilst filtering out the noise, and keeping you on the path to trading profitably. Broken into 3 modules, we’ll give you everything you need from a theory and practical perspective to begin your journey into the world of trading. We all had to start somewhere, and all of the content is based on real-world experience in today’s markets.  The course creators are, individually, 15 year veterans of the financial markets.  They’ve made all the mistakes on the path to being profitable, which is at the core of this course.

Topics Include:

  • Myths versus realities
  • What trading actually is
  • Rules to live by – Risk Management
  • How to read what a chart is telling you
  • Understanding the types of trading timeframe that work for you
  • How to set up a demo account, and later a funded account
  • Creating a plan (sample plan included)
  • Chart Indicators
  • Knowing your competition
  • Structuring a trade, how to identify a high probability setup
  • Trading psychology

Trying to trade the markets with little or no experience is incredibly daunting, and it’s almost impossible to know where to start. By following the steps in our course, you’ll come away with a solid foundation on which to build on, in a way that works for you.

To get a flavour for our teaching style, check out our YouTube channel or our blog

9 reviews for Beginners Trading Academy

  1. Jamie J

    Good course, covers all the basics well and succinctly. Some good live examples too which add the practical side to the theory. Would recommend.

  2. Vikesh S

    Well structured course covering a lot of the main bits of technical analysis, easy to understand and well delivered by the hosts.

  3. Karl P

    Very good, would recommend

  4. Leigh M

    Basics well explained, helped cut through a lot of the noise out there. Would have like to see more examples.

  5. Rainer G

    Concepts explained well by tutor, easy to understand, no BS

  6. Harry E

    Came away from this understanding the basics, has cut through the vasts amounts of noise out there around trading and investing.

  7. Arun K

    Good course, basics explained very well. This isn’t a furu pitching access to his ‘daily levels’, just explaining how trading works.

  8. Alan D

    Feel Ive got a good foundation on the basics after taking this course, decent value too. instructor has very deep knowledge of markets

  9. Frederic A

    Very enjoyable, knowledgeable teacher

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