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Level Up Sessions

The SG Futures Level Up Sessions give you the tools to take the next step in trading professionally, or just to give you an extra edge over the competition. This course revolves around the teachings of Peter Steidlmayer and James Dalton on the topic of Market Profile and TPO (Time, Price, Opportunity). The founders of SG, at one time or another, needed to take the leap from being a part-time participant in the markets, to full-time traders. Everything covered off in the course material is designed to aid you in making that commitment.  The course content is designed by a collection of 15 year market veterans, aided by a current Market Maker on the NYSE, giving you a rare insiders’ view of equity markets when trading day-to-day.

Topics Include:

  • Market Profile & TPO
  • Reading Equity Market Internals
  • Price ladder trading
  • Reading the tape
  • Footprint charts
  • Moving from online platform to brokerage
  • Broker recommendations
  • Combining Market Profile and regular candlestick charts
  • Identifying when ‘the other timeframe’ is present
  • How to trade the cash market open

The concepts we speak about throughout this course are all borne out of what we each wanted to know before we took the leap to trading full-time. The course is structured in a way that you’ll learn all of the core elements of the topics listed above, with examples of how you can apply them to real-world trading scenarios. You will come away from this course with an enormous edge on other traders who don’t use Market Profile.

A preview of our teaching methods can be found on our YouTube Channel, or on our Blog

15 reviews for SG Futures Level Up Sessions

  1. Thomas K

    Really well laid out explanation of market profile and how it works, it’s definitely given me an extra edge in my trading. The concepts explained are things I’ve never considered when trading the markets, and it’s given me a whole new slice of context as to what is happening across the core market that I trade.

    If you want to take you’re trading to the next level, you’ll need a good handle of market profile & TPO and these guys know their stuff!

  2. William H

    Really enjoyed this course, concepts I’ve never considered before.

  3. Murit CS

    This is a completely different way to look at the market, helped me understand the underlying narrative when trading each day

  4. Ruan Sharma

    The course content is good and a completely different way of approaching trading. I would say it would be useful if you could provide further information on how to configure Sierra chart as Ive found it very difficult to use.

    • SG Futures

      Thanks Ruan – we’re working on some ‘how-to’ guides around Sierra Chart currently, we just need to get them recorded an published to our YouTube channel. In the meantime, we recommend checking out Trader Ticino on YouTube ->

  5. Kevin J

    You think you understand how the markets work and then you dig into material like this to show you how little you ‘really’ know! I always found the Dalton books hard to digest so Im glad I looked at this course, the property market analogy sealed my understanding. Let me know if you’re doing more of this stuff!

    • SG Futures

      Thanks Kevin, glad you enjoyed.

  6. Salkar G

    Very useful, changed my entire way of thinking when trading. The mechanics of what’s happening behind the scenes in equity markets is so obvious to me now!

    • SG Futures

      Thank you

  7. Patrick N

    I think I’m finally getting the concepts discussed here, suprised more traders dont talk about things like value tied to supply and demand, its the core of any functioning market. Course is well delivered and speaker knows his stuff.

    • SG Futures

      Thanks Patrick, appreciated your comment.

  8. Jonathan F

    Good course, having read some of the Dalton books this helped tie the concept together.

    • SG Futures

      Thanks Jonathan, appreciate your comments.

  9. Krishna T

    I never knew there was something more than candle chart to analyze markets, this has given me good edge now.

  10. Robert J

    Great course, recommend

  11. Kursai M

    I really enjoyed this, it’s well delivered, speaker knows his stuff.

  12. Justin T

    Really enjoyed this!

  13. Maurice A

    Data is slightly old, but the core concepts ring through nicely. If you trade S&P500, take this course!

  14. Glyn R

    Im seeing more and more of tpo and market profile courses, these are must have kits in your toolbag if your a daytrader. i found this easy to follow, there’s probably more that could be shown.

  15. Valero F

    I attended the webinar which piqued my interest, this course built on the foundations covered off in the webinar, teacher really knows his stuff

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