Recent Ryanair Trade

Like a lot of traders & investors, the recent aggressive sell-off in stocks has presented the opportunity to pick up shares at knock-down prices, against the backdrop of a previously unrelenting bull market. Personally speaking, I’ve put a good chunk of money to work and taken some modest gains, versus what I’d previously have made solely day trading U.S. indices.

The recent sell-off was difficult to manage, because it’s hard to know where the bottom might be – from experience, usually when I think the bottom is in, it probably isn’t! That being said, I’ve been watching Ryanair for the last 6 months and fundamentally, I believe it’s one airline that has the capabilities to weather the storm of COVID-19, and get back to some degree of normality in the near to medium term.

Here at SG, we put our heads together to see 1) if there was a possible trade, and 2) what a potential entry and stop loss might look like. Take a look at the video below to see our findings.

Ryanair taken in May 2020

Feel free to agree, disagree, and discuss what we’ve done here in the comments. We love doing video analysis like this, so if you have any large cap stocks that you’re interested in, drop us a note and we’ll look into them.

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