Current Index Weightings

At SG, we’re predominantly focused on trading U.S. indices day-to-day, alongside some bonds & commodities, but equities make up over 50% of our daily trades. Whilst it’s important to understand the index and how it moves, as well as of the key levels, one of the most important areas that’s often overlooked is the underlying assets which make up the index – individual stocks. In many cases, stocks which carry a high weighting in an index, can often move the entire index if they experience any kind of price volatility, driven usually by news releases or earnings reports.

So in order to make your life a little easier, we’ve put together a list of the current top weighted stocks across the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 and Dow Jones 30 to help with your trade planning. We’re planning on updating this once a month with updated weightings, as they tend to change from time to time.

RankCompanySymbolWeight (%)
1Microsoft CorporationMSFT5.70
2Apple Inc.AAPL5.42 Inc.AMZN4.13
4Facebook Inc. FB2.30
5Alphabet Inc. Class AGOOGL1.72
6Alphabet Inc. Class CGOOG1.72
7Johnson & JohnsonJNJ1.55
8Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class BBRK.B1.39
9Visa Inc. Class AV1.33
10Procter & Gamble CompanyPG1.14
11JPMorgan Chase & Co.JPM1.14
12United Health Group IncorporatedUNH1.12
13Intel CorporationINTC1.10
14Home Depot Inc.HD1.07
15Mastercard Incorporated Class AMA1.07
16Verizon Communications Inc.VZ0.91
17NVIDIA CorporationNVDA0.90
18AT&T Inc.T0.89
19Walt Disney CompanyDIS0.87
20Pfizer Inc.PFE0.85
Top 20 Companies in the S&P 500 with weightings, as of 26th May 2020
RankCompanySymbolWeight (%)
1Microsoft CorpMSFT11.47
2Apple IncAAPL11.46 IncAMZN9.97
4Facebook IncFB4.64
5Alphabet IncGOOGL3.99
6Alphabet IncGOOG3.95
7Intel CorpINTC2.80
9Cisco Systems IncCSCO2.00
10Netflix IncNFLX1.98
11Adobe IncADBE1.95
12PepsiCo IncPEP1.90
13PayPal Holdings IncPYPL1.86
14Comcast CorpCMCSA1.85
15Tesla IncTSLA1.58
16Costco Wholesale CorpCOST1.40
17Amgen IncAMGN1.40
18T-Mobile US IncTMUS1.24
19Broadcom IncAVGO1.16
20Charter Communications IncCHTR1.13
Top 20 Companies in the Nasdaq 100 with weightings, as of 26th May 2020
RankCompanySymbolWeight (%)
1Apple Inc.AAPL8.94
2United Health Group IncorporatedUNH8.13
3Home Depot Inc.HD6.78
4Visa Inc. Class AV5.35
5McDonald’s CorporationMCD5.17
6Microsoft CorporationMSFT5.14
7Goldman Sachs Group Inc.GS5.04
83M CompanyMMM4.10
9Johnson & JohnsonJNJ4.04
10Boeing CompanyBA3.85
11Walmart Inc.WMT3.49
12IBM CorporationIBM3.32
13Walt Disney CompanyDIS3.31
14Procter & Gamble CompanyPG3.16
15Caterpillar Inc.CAT3.15
16Travelers Companies Inc.TRV2.81
17NIKE Inc. Class BNKE2.63
18Chevron CorporationCVX2.53
19JPMorgan Chase & Co.JPM2.51
20American Express CompanyAXP2.50
Top 20 Companies in the Dow Jones 30 with weightings, as of 26th May 2020

In SG, we take advantage of after-hours earnings and their impact on the futures markets of the above mentioned equities. Often there’s an opportunity to fade an over-extended move on the back of a particularly bullish/bearish earnings report. We delve into this in more detail in our course material launching soon.

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