27th October 2020 – Week Preview

Morning all, See below our latest video on E-Mini S&P and some constituent stocks, some of whom are reporting this week. Big week this week with options expiry, month end and some key stocks all reporting earnings. On the slightly longer horizon we're a week out from the U.S. general election, and with the polls … Continue reading 27th October 2020 – Week Preview


AMZN Previous Day Commentary – The stock that continues to drive higher! Thursday saw a strange profile shape, gapping up with price exploration higher but closing on lows. It should be considered good value for any trade back down to $2800 range, as this stock appears to want to drive higher. We will look for any … Continue reading AMZN DAILY UPDATE 2ND JULY 2020

AMZN Daily Update 2nd July 2020

AMZN Previous Day Commentary - Amazon was quite bullish yesterday, confirming that the company is likely to continue to benefit from global lockdown measures with a massive shift to online sales. We're using AMZN as a guide when trading U.S. equities, particularly Nasdaq 100 components. Yesterday saw solid open drive which began a trend day … Continue reading AMZN Daily Update 2nd July 2020

Current Index Weightings

At SG, we're predominantly focused on trading U.S. indices day-to-day, alongside some bonds & commodities, but equities make up over 50% of our daily trades. Whilst it's important to understand the index and how it moves, as well as of the key levels, one of the most important areas that's often overlooked is the underlying … Continue reading Current Index Weightings