E-Mini S&P (Sept) Previous Day Commentary - Thursday's trade had all the hallmarks of 'wait & see' given the run-in to a long 4th July weekend with the market very much range bound for the majority of the day. The ES traded in a tight range, and the sentiment was such that playing the edges … Continue reading ES DAILY UPDATE – 6th JULY 2020

ES Daily Update – 2nd July 2020

E-Mini S&P (Sept) Previous Day Commentary – We had a nice distribution on the ES yesterday, with some relatively bullish sentiment and some very technical pullbacks in the morning & afternoon. This market is so incredibly technical, in that, if you understand the mechanics of market profile, some great day-trading opportunities present themselves multiple times a … Continue reading ES Daily Update – 2nd July 2020

E-Mini S&P500 Trade

Quick post on a nice setup on the ES (E-Mini S&P) which triggered overnight during the Globex session. We've found some of the best trading setups recently have come when the cash market has been closed, particularly when it comes to inventory setups following the cash close. In this case, we're looking at a breakout … Continue reading E-Mini S&P500 Trade

Current Index Weightings

At SG, we're predominantly focused on trading U.S. indices day-to-day, alongside some bonds & commodities, but equities make up over 50% of our daily trades. Whilst it's important to understand the index and how it moves, as well as of the key levels, one of the most important areas that's often overlooked is the underlying … Continue reading Current Index Weightings

Understanding FinTwit

As traders, it's taken us far too long to realise what an unbelievable resource we have at our fingertips, in the shape of Twitter. Collating a Twitter feed has been pivotal in recent years, due to the plethora of brilliant traders on Twitter who share great, relevant content every single day. More often than not, … Continue reading Understanding FinTwit